Exercise and weight loss

Jun 15, 2023

Exercise is not my recommended method for weight loss! Every day, I walk my dogs 2 miles and spend 30 – 45 minutes on my exercise bike (while watching Netflix) or go to the gym. When I walk, I burn about 100 calories each mile. Losing weight – or even maintaining my weight - only using activity -  would take intense and prolonged daily exercise.  For most people, using exercise as a weight loss method is not practical or sustainable. 

      However, exercise has other benefits.  Exercise relieves stress, decreases depression, builds strength, improves balance, provides an opportunity to socialize (I've met many people just by walking my dogs!), helps our bodies function optimally and keep our minds sharp. Exercise also may decrease blood pressure, strengthen our immune systems, and help ward off dementia. 

      Regularly exercising can improve our quality of life as we age by enabling us to maintain strong bones, flexible joints, and better balance.   Our minds are more likely to remain sharp, and we're less likely to become housebound or immobile. Exercising regularly may also motivate us to eat more healthfully so that we have more energy.  

       You can move more easily as you lose weight because you take excess pressure off your joints. A study published in Arthritis and Rheumatism found that losing 1 pound of weight removed 4 pounds of pressure from the knees. A 10-pound weight loss would relieve 40 pounds of stress from your knees - significant if you have knee pain or arthritis.

     When you walk on level ground, the force on your knees is about 1 1/2 times your body weight. The pressure becomes 2 - 3 times your body weight when you walk up or down an incline and 4 - 5 times your body weight when you squat.  So even small amounts of weight loss will decrease the pressure on your knees and other joints and help you become more mobile and active.

      So don’t hesitate to exercise – just don’t use it as a weight loss method. Find some activities you love. (My favorites are dancing, hiking, and walking) and enjoy moving your body. 


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