Finding Time for Weight Loss

Oct 12, 2022
finding time for weight loss



     Are you overweight because you have no time for meal planning?  Are you too busy to plan your meals ahead of time?  Do you frequently eat whatever you can grab in the moment?  Here are some strategies that have worked for others to help with meal planning and time management: 

1.    Make a list of your favorite “easy” breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.  The list should only contain meals that you like and are easy for you to prepare or to buy.  

2.    Plan your meals ahead of time as much as possible.  When planning, don't forget leftovers, meals with friends, and restaurant meals.  Write down your meal plans. 

3.    Do meal prep ahead of time whenever possible. 

4.    Make your meal plans “easy”, so that when you’re tired and hungry, you don’t need to think about what you are going to eat or spend a lot of time prepping. 

5.    Practice getting used to eating what is written on your plan, (Remember, your plan should only contain foods you like.) even if you don’t feel like eating those foods in the moment. 

6.    If you don’t like to (or want to) cook, have pre-prepared meals on your plan. 

7.    If you often eat at certain restaurants, look at their menus and list 3 or 4 menu items that you like and can order when you eat at those restaurants.  

8.    Make sure you Include some “unhealthy” foods that you love on your meal plans.  I include ice cream on my plans once or twice a week. 

9.    Have a list of snacks to eat if you are hungry between meals.  

10.If you sometimes grab food from Wawa or similar places, have a list of foods to choose from when you are in those places. 

11.Once you have planned your meals and have a list of the meals or foods you like and want to eat, practice making a meal plan each week or each day, and notice how easy (or how hard) it is to follow your plan.  

12.If you notice that you almost never follow your meal plans, then examine your plans (or get help through coaching) and make a realistic plan that you can follow (even if it isn’t as healthy as you think it should be). 

13.Your plan should be “doable” to follow – not “perfect” and impossible to follow. 

14.Once you have made a meal plan, you should be spending very little time deciding what you will eat for the day. 

15.If you eat only when you are hungry, you will also save time by not eating for reasons such as boredom, stress, anger, or habit. 

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