Gratitude and Thinking About the Holidays

Nov 30, 2022


     My mother died the week of Thanksgiving, so I've been thinking about how these holidays are different and how I can still be grateful.  I am thankful that my mother is no longer in pain or unhappy and that I had her as my mother for 69 years.  She lived a good long life!  I am also grateful that I learned how to think differently and process my grief in ways that do not derail my weight loss. We have an empty chair at the table to remember her as we celebrate all of our blessings.  

     I'm going to share some of the things to think about as you go into the holidays so that you don't gain weight - and perhaps, will even lose some weight.  If you have difficulties with what I'm sharing, think about giving yourself (or have someone else give you) the gift of coaching.  It's a wonderful gift to help you navigate the rest of your life in ways you cannot even imagine today. 

     When you think about the holidays and all the parties and possible occasions to overeat, also realize that if you eat 3 meals daily, there are 117 meals from Thanksgiving Day through New Year’s Day.  That means most of your meals will not be parties or special meals.  Even if you overeat at every party and holiday meal, you can still eat intentionally during most meals – which should at least enable you to maintain your weight.  

     If you overate at Thanksgiving or should overeat at a holiday party, what do you think about the next day’s meals?   When you overeat at one meal, do you use that as an excuse to continue to overeat through the holidays?  Can you get back on track after an overeat and eat the next day intentionally?  If not, consider journaling about why you continue to overeat. 

     Are you including your favorite holiday foods in your food plans?  If not, why not?  When you think that you are not allowed to eat certain foods or that you will not have those foods for another year, the tendency is to devour those foods in large amounts.  However, if you allow yourself to eat those foods you love and look forward to and eat them slowly and savor them, then it is much easier to enjoy them and not overeat them.   

     How do you react if a friend or relative mentions that you’ve gained weight?  What do you make their remark mean about you?  Do you overeat if that happens?  Can you give yourself credit for whatever you’ve done for yourself and allow your friend or relative to think whatever they desire without it affecting your actions? 

     How will you respond if your mother or aunt makes your “favorite” food and insists you eat it?  Can you choose what you want to eat rather than what others want you to eat?  If you plan to eat differently than you have in the past, have a plan as to what you will say or do when those food pushers urge you to eat something you have not planned.   

     Are you able to look at a buffet, think something looks good, and yet decide not to eat it?  This may be your year to experiment.  Maybe instead of eating “all of the things,” decide on 2 or 3 things you will try.  If the opportunity arises,  take home some foods you did not eat and have them another day. 

     If there are family tensions that will be evident, can you handle snide remarks without eating?  Can you allow people to act in ways with which you disagree without eating if you are not hungry?  You always have an option to go to the bathroom or another room if you need some time or space to recover from stress.   

     Enjoy the holidays and go in with a plan.  If you know there will be certain temptations or stresses, plan for them and then evaluate after the event what worked and what may need a different strategy.  Remember that you are important and worthwhile, and take care of yourself. 

     Consider giving yourself or have someone else give you the gift of coaching this year so that you can lose weight for the last time.  You can schedule a no-pressure and no-obligation call with me to find out more at: 


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