How Self-Confidence Affects Weight Loss

Jan 22, 2023

     Are you confident you can lose your excess weight and keep it off?  Do you doubt that you’ll be able to lose weight permanently because you’ve failed in the past?  I genuinely believe that your past results have nothing to do with how you may do in the future – unless you do what you did before!  It’s time to lose weight differently to get lasting results.  Instead of following another diet, get in touch with your hunger and satiety signals and change your thoughts about food and eating.   

     When food is used as a reward, it becomes much more important to you.  Foods that you associate with reward, celebration, or comfort cause dopamine releases in your brain.  What would happen if you considered food more as fuel rather than necessary to make yourself feel better or to celebrate?  Even if you’ve always used food to connect and celebrate, can you celebrate without placing so much value on the food or its importance? If you went to a birthday party and did not eat the cake, could you still have fun while celebrating the birthday?  Can you also allow yourself to feel unhappy without eating for comfort? 

     When you’re feeling self-confident, you have your own back.  You do what you say you will do.  Self-confidence grows with practice. Minor changes and small wins lead to more considerable successes.  When you trust yourself to do what you promise, not only do you make better choices in your diet, but you also make better choices in other areas of your life. 

     Rather than thinking about yourself as not having self-confidence or not feeling self-confident in your ability to lose weight, start to grow your self-confidence by giving yourself some small wins.  Decide only to eat three bites of dessert – and then do it.  Decide to drink 6 cups of water today – and do it.  These small wins add up, and eventually, your self-confidence grows.  Start with making minor improvements in your diet and eating behaviors.  Once those changes are solid, then make more minor changes. 

      Eventually, your excess weight will disappear, and you’ll eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’ve had enough.  You will be intentional when you decide to eat for reasons other than hunger (such as knowing you will miss lunch if you don’t eat at a particular time), and you will not be tempted to overeat.  You’ll be at the natural weight for your body without dieting or restricting.  And you’ll be more self-confident because you will know that when you decide what and how you’re going to eat, you will stick with your decision.  This self-confidence will spread to other areas of your life as you realize that you can always rely on yourself. 

     For help with increasing your self-confidence, or losing weight permanently, schedule a no-obligation, no-pressure consultation with me at:  Let 2023 be the year that you lose weight for the last time! 



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