How to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

Nov 09, 2022


     If you’re like me, you’ve gained and lost weight many times.  Before 2018, I had been “yo-yoing” for over 40 years.  I had 4 sizes of clothing in my closet – and most of them did not fit.  Then I found coaching.  I learned to change my mindset - how I thought about food and eating.  I finally found the key that enabled me to lose weight permanently.

     When you can change your thoughts about food and eating – you, too, will lose your excess weight without dieting, eating particular foods, or doing a lot of food prep.  Once you have formed new habits, reaching and then maintaining an average weight will be easy and painless, and yet you'll still be able to enjoy special occasions with friends and family. 

     The first step to losing your excess weight for good is to think about and write down why you want to lose weight.  List at least 10 reasons because different reasons may resonate or be more important to you at certain times.  Visit your “whys” often and add to them frequently. 

     Once you have written down your “whys", start paying attention to your eating patterns.  Do you usually eat when hungry, or do you eat for other reasons – such as boredom, stress, frustration, celebration, or habit (such as eating while watching Netflix)?  Do you stop eating when you’re satisfied, or do you eat until you’re uncomfortably full?   

      To stop "yo-yoing", tune into your hunger and satiety signals and practice eating only when you’re hungry.  Pay attention to how often you eat for reasons other than hunger.  Can you handle stress, anxiety, or boredom without eating?  I learned many years ago, “If you’re not hungry, food is not the answer.”  How easy or difficult is it for you to stop eating something that tastes good before you’re uncomfortably full?   Learning to eat when hungry and to stop when you’re satisfied but not uncomfortably full takes practice. You do not have to be perfect to be successful. Practicing these skills most of the time will get you to your goals.  

      I became a coach when I realized I could help women like you learn to use their thinking to lose and keep off excess weight.  I can help you handle cravings without eating and teach you how to make a personal food plan that you love.  You’ll learn how to experience your emotions without eating.  You’ll feel healthier and more energetic by fueling your body with the foods that make your body feel good.  I’ll teach you how to want to choose healthy foods most of the time.  You'll be able to handle weekends, evenings, vacations, and other events without feeling out of control or deprived.  

     I do not put you on a diet or give you a food plan.  I help you figure out a personalized plan t have the body you desire. I help you lose weight so that you can feel good in your clothing and feel energetic and healthy.  

     Most importantly, you will not spend m time thinking about food or eating.  Today, start paying attention to your hunger and satiety signals. If you want to explore how coaching can help you reach your weight loss goal more quickly and easily, schedule a no-pressure, no-obligation call with me at: 


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