How You Feel About Yourself Can Affect Your Weight Loss Success

Dec 21, 2022

     When was the last time you were in a family photo? Do you avoid having your picture taken because you don’t like how you look?  Do you promise to allow others to take your photo once you lose 10, 20, or 50 pounds?  When you look at family photos, are some members missing because they didn’t like how they looked?  Do certain people always volunteer to be the photographer, so they don't have to be photographed? Is that person you?

     Do you avoid swimming because you don’t like how you look in a bathing suit?  Do you avoid wearing shorts for the same reason? Life can change instantly. Family and friends would rather have photos of you, no matter your weight.  They will probably notice your smile or outfit and be oblivious to your weight.  And if they do notice your weight – so what?  They will be glad to have those photos.  Too many people miss out because they want to wait to participate until they reach the perfect weight.   

     If you enjoy swimming, what if other people comment about how you look in a bathing suit?  You can have fun and be proud of yourself for getting out there.  Life is too short to avoid the pool or the beach.  When you learn to feel good about yourself, no matter what you weigh, you can embrace your life in all its glory and messiness rather than being a bystander who keeps waiting to be the “right” weight. 

     It’s much harder to lose weight successfully and to keep it off if you don’t feel good about yourself.  While you may not look exactly as you want to, until you value yourself and your body, and until you love yourself, you won’t treat yourself the way you deserve.  Even if you are not at the weight you desire, there must be things that you love about yourself.  What are some of those things? 

       Spend a few minutes each day looking at your entire body in the mirror while naked or in your underwear.  Instead of noticing what you don’t like about your body, what are 3 things you like?  Then say those things out loud (or to yourself).  Write them down and celebrate them.  The more frequently you notice and remind yourself what you like about yourself, the sooner you will feel better about yourself. 

    Try taking a daily selfie and practicing looking at yourself.  Get used to noticing your smile,  your arms, your teeth, your eyes, or whatever there is that you do like about yourself.  Keep doing this until you can look at yourself in the mirror without thinking negatively about yourself.  It will take time, but the more you appreciate yourself, the easier it will be to treat your body lovingly.  And if you honor and value your body, you will make good choices most of the time, 

    If you can’t find anything you like about your body, then start with what you like about your personality.  You can also start by being grateful for how your body supports you.  Are you grateful that you can see, hear, walk or use your arms?  If you have disabilities, how about being thankful for your brain or the fact that you can use a computer?   

     Start with whatever you can believe about yourself now and every day, find something new that you’re grateful for about your body.  Do not spend time thinking about what you do not like about yourself.  However, do spend time thinking about how you can treat your body in a way that shows your gratitude. 

     When you love and care for your body, you are more likely to eat in a way that supports it.  If certain foods upset your stomach, make you sluggish, or gain weight quickly, can you avoid those foods out of love for yourself rather than feeling deprived or restricted? 

     Can you eat more foods that make your skin glow and give you energy?  Can you learn to think less positively about the foods that make you feel ill, tired, or uncomfortable?  Food is just food. Tomorrow, very few foods that you ate today will matter to you. 

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