I'm Going to Europe

Aug 05, 2023

 I'll be vacationing in the Netherlands and Belgium at the end of July. I am a “foodie” and love trying new and interesting foods. I plan to try Belgian waffles, Belgian fries, Belgian chocolates, chocolate-sprinkled pancakes - and many other foods.

     It is possible to be a “foodie” and remain at a healthy weight.  It is also possible to stop eating foods that “taste good” without finishing them.  While I sometimes overeat delicious foods, I plan to enjoy eating on vacation and not gain 10 pounds by eating “all the things.” 

     I’ll avoid gaining weight on vacation by reminding myself that my body is special and that I only want to allow “the best tasting” foods into it.  If a food I taste isn’t delicious, I’ll stop eating it.  If a food tastes wonderful, I’ll remind myself that I can enjoy several bites without finishing that food.  I usually feel nauseous or uncomfortable when I eat until stuffed. I will remind myself of that when I’m tempted to overeat.  I will eat slowly to savor the delicious meals - while always being aware of my hunger signals. 

     If something is deliciously wonderful, I plan to eat it slowly and savor every bite - until I’ve had “enough.”   Most delicious foods are delicious for the first 3 to 5 bites.  If you don’t believe me, take a favorite food and pause after every bite.  Analyze each bite before eating further. How does it taste?  What is the texture? Does the 8th bite taste the same as the first?  You notice each bite when you eat slowly and stop when eating is no longer as pleasurable as you’d like.  I did this recently with cashew nuts and found that slowly eating two was more than enough.

     It takes practice to learn to eat slowly.  Eating without distractions makes paying attention to each bite easier.  When you eat slowly and intentionally, you enjoy your food more and can enjoy any food while eating less.  When you eat only as much food as your body needs, you can enjoy any food and still lose or maintain weight.

     Would you like to go to a party or on vacation and feel light and energetic when you return home?  Would you like to go anywhere, be around any food, and not worry about overeating or gaining weight?  Eating slowly and intentionally allows you to eat whatever you desire and maintain a normal weight.  It is possible to stand in front of a “dessert table” and still feel in control.  It is possible to take only 3 bites of cake or ice cream, rather than finishing it all, and feel satisfied and not deprived.

     If you want to develop the skills to enjoy food and eat without gaining weight, make sure you’re getting my weekly posts.  If you’d like help developing these skills, set up a free, no-obligation, no-pressure call with me at https://calendly.com/coachbarbarakatz/60min


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