Leveling Up - How daily small changes can lead to permanent weight loss

Oct 05, 2022

Daily small changes can easily lead to major weight loss.   Here are some suggestions:

  1. If you eat one or two less spoonfuls of food at each meal, over the course of a week, you will probably have eaten one or two less meals.  If you put those uneaten spoonfuls of food in a freezer bag, at the end of the week, you will have a visual record of what you chose not to eat that week. 
  2. If you usually taste the food when you are cooking, try putting those "tastes" on a plate instead of in your mouth. (It usually is not necessary to taste any food that you have made many times in the past.) Put those "tastes" in a freezer bag, and at the end of the week or the month, see how much food you have not eaten and then celebrate with a non-food reward.    
  1. How about the food that you sometimes eat which has been left in the serving bowl or on someone’s plate after a meal?  Instead of eating that food, put it in a freezer bag and check out the bag at the end of each week.  Really pay attention and rewardyourselffor not eating those spoonfuls, tastes, and leftovers, that you normally would have eaten. 


     When you "level up", you make small changes which then have a positive impact in meeting your goals.  Once you’ve become used to leaving a spoonful or two on your plate or in the bowl, or cooking without tasting, then there are further level-ups you may want to try. 


  1. Can you bake something, rather than your usual frying? 
  2. Can you order the small fries or soda, rather than the large – even if the large is a “bargain”?  
  3. Can you eat your nightly ice cream in a smaller bowl (and take less), or have it one less time each week?
  4. Can you eat one slice of bread – rather than two - or spread less butter or mayo on the bread?  
  5. At a restaurant, can you share a dessert or appetizer rather than eating the entire thing?  Can you order an appetizer, an alcoholic drink, or a dessert - rather than all of them? 


     Look for places where you can make small changes.  Start with easy changes and gradually make new "level ups".  Making those changes should be relatively easy.  You do not need to eliminate any food groups, although you may choose to eat certain foods less often or in smaller amounts.  Even doing something as simple as eating more slowly so that you can notice when you are satisfied, or waiting 10 minutes before deciding whether to take a second helping, can help you to lose weight. 


     Try some of these level ups and notice how they affect your weight and your hunger and "enough" cues.  Small level-ups can lead to big wins!  

     And if you're feeling like you're doing "everything" and nothing is working, or you're having problems continuing to be motivated to do the things necessary to lose and forever maintain the weight you would like, schedule a weight loss strategy call with me at:


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