Relationships and Eating

Dec 14, 2022


     Today's post contains questions to ask yourself about how your relationships may be affecting your eating behaviors.  If any of these concerns make it difficult for you to lose weight, schedule a consultation to discuss how coaching can help.


1. Does how you feel about your family, friends, co-workers, or lovers influence your eating habits?

 2. Do you eat because you're feeling lonely or unhappy with how someone in your life is behaving?

3. Do you overeat when someone makes an unsolicited comment about your weight or appearance? Are you able to feel good and proud about yourself no matter what others say (or think)? 

4. If you’ve successfully changed your eating habits, do you worry that others will notice and comment if you choose not to eat?  

5. If you’ve used food-related activities in the past to bond with friends and family, do you worry whether they will still want to spend time with you if you don't eat with them? 

6. Can you go to a restaurant and order without being influenced by others?  Can you handle what others say about your eating habits and order what you feel is healthy for your body?   

7. If you choose not to partake in appetizers or desserts, are you afraid of the comments that others will make? 

8. Is your alcohol consumption a concern when with friends or family?  Do you drink more with friends, and are you afraid you will not have a good time if you reduce your alcohol consumption?   Will your friends or family notice and comment about any changed alcohol intake?

9. If you live with someone else and cook for them, do you need to change how or what you cook or bake?  Are you worried about what they will say or think?

10. If someone else cooks for you, can you figure out a way to eat the food and meals that support you while allowing others to enjoy the foods they want?

11. Do you routinely bond with others by watching sports or Netflix with snacks nearby?  Are you comfortable spending time together without food or without eating snacks? 

12. How will you handle meals with family or friends when they tell you that they made your “favorite” food or dessert? How will you handle those situations without offending others while taking care of yourself? Can you allow yourself some of that food or plan a way to decline gracefully? 

     By planning ahead of time what you will think, say, and do for as many of these situations as possible and then practicing your new behaviors, you'll be able to show your friends, family, and yourself that you are a confident and amazing woman who takes care of herself and her body.   


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