Summer Eating

Jun 28, 2023

     Happy summer! Are you ready for summer's temptations?  Are you comfortable wearing a bathing suit and summer clothing, or will you avoid going to the pool or the beach because you don’t like how you look?

      Let’s make this a summer of feeling good in your body and feeling compassionate with yourself.  You can love and treat your body well, even if your weight is not yet where you want it to be.  Appreciate your body for what it does for you and how it supports you, and treat it the way it deserves. 

     When you make an eating plan daily - choose foods to keep your body healthy and fueled.  Make a plan before going to parties or on vacation while keeping in mind your ultimate goals of health and energy.  Even if you don’t know the menu, you can plan how much alcohol you'll drink, whether you’ll have any chips or snack food (and, if so, how much), and how you’ll handle dessert. By eating when hungry, stopping before you’re uncomfortable, and eating slowly and intentionally, there is room on your eating plan for all the foods that you love and desire (just not all at once!).  

     If you plan to drink alcohol, decide ahead of time how much you want to drink and try to have a glass of water or seltzer between each alcoholic beverage. Plan to primarily eat foods that help to fuel your body, and decide whether you’ll eat any “junk” food.  If you choose to eat non-healthy foods, make sure they are delicious and worth putting into your precious body.  And, of course, only eat until you’re satisfied - but not stuffed 

     Try planning to do some activity - swimming, walking, dancing, or even helping to clean up or serve - so that you’re not just sitting and eating.  If possible, don’t linger near the food so that you’re less likely to “automatically” reach for food without consciously deciding if you really want to eat it.

     When you plan ahead of time and appreciate and love your body, you’re more likely to make good choices.  James Joyce said, “Mistakes are the portals of discovery.”  We learn what works for us by trying and then evaluating what happens.  Don’t be afraid to try; what have you learned if it doesn't work?  Where did you have difficulty keeping to your plan, and what will you do differently the next time? 

     Have fun this summer, and plan to end the summer healthy and energetic.  Use each party and get-together as an opportunity to learn how best to support yourself.  



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