Why hypnosis?

Jul 07, 2023

 I'm a life coach and Integrative Hypnotist - meaning that I use hypnosis, NLP (neuron-linguistic programming), and coaching tools to help you change. Change is often easier than you think - and it's fun! I do not hypnotize the way you see on TV or in the movies.  You do not lose control, quack like a duck, or do anything embarrassing or shameful (unless you want to!).  When you're in a trance, you're still aware of your surroundings and can come out whenever you desire.  Your attention is focused, and you can more easily access your unconscious thoughts.  When you also use the wisdom of your unconscious, it’s easier to make permanent changes in your life.  

     You've already experienced hypnosis - even if you didn’t realize it.  You've been in a trance when caught up in a movie or a story.  You were also in a trance if, when driving, you arrived at your destination and had no recollection of how you got there. If you have frequent anxiety, fears, or phobias, you’ve hypnotized yourself to be anxious or fearful about certain things - even if they’re not a real threat to you.

     Most of your thoughts reside in your unconscious.  Only about 5% of your thoughts are accessible at a time in your conscious brain.  While In a trance, you lower the barrier between your unconscious and conscious mind so you more easily become aware of your unconscious thoughts.  New ideas may come to you, and it's easier to change the thoughts, beliefs, or habits that are causing you discomfort. 

     Your brain is neuroplastic - meaning its neural pathways are changeable.  You form those pathways - not based on reality - but due to what you’ve visualized or thought about numerous times. Your brain treats perceived events or thoughts as real - even if they're not.  You can change your neural pathways purposefully so that thoughts or threats you frequently worry or think about are no longer concerns. 

   When you think about something frequently, your brain wants to simplify, and eventually, you think that thought automatically - without even being aware you’re thinking it. An example would be when you learned to drive a car or ride a bicycle. When you first learned, you had to pay attention and think about what you were doing; whereas, after you practiced enough, those actions became automatic.  You had formed a new neural pathway.

     When you’re anxious, your brain doesn’t distinguish between real and imagined threats. Your brain errs on the side of caution to keep you safe. If you think something is a threat, you become anxious. Your thoughts cause you to feel threatened and then act as if those threats are real. You may even develop panic attacks. Using hypnosis, you can “rewire” your brain so that perceived threats disappear. 


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